Deeper Ground

Out now: Deeper Ground

With Son of Ohm I have produced seven instrumental electronic albums so far. Main instruments being synths, organs and electric guitar. Some albums are more synth & sequencer driven, others electric guitar & looper or a mix of things. Most of the albums were in some kind of cosmic space/electronic psych/experimental mode, pushing boundaries.

Deeper Ground is different altogether, it has vocals. The songs are very structured and were composed on polysynths. First I played the basic chord progressions and recorded them with a click track. I programmed Linn Drum samples for rhythm after that, providing an 80’s atmosphere. I had sequences running and a lot of melodic stuff, space effects, solo’s and basses were played on mono synths.

Vocals are on the first five songs. The last three are instrumental.
No guitars or organs this time.

Listen here:

New album coming up

The new album ‘Deeper Ground’ is almost ready. It is something different. All eight songs were composed on polysynths, messing around with chord progressions. It was a very interesting process seeing the songs develop. The main idea was to create lush synthesizer-pop kind of songs, with only synths, Linn drum samples and some vocals. No guitars and organs. This principle I kept. Ofcourse the songs themselves pushed me into a different direction.

After the first three songs were made I had to take a break. The new songs that I made after some time had a different character. I liked it. They actually had a very nice sound and feel. So I returned to the first three songs and gave them the same vibe. Some songs I had to break down and remake.

So what we have now is five tracks with vocals and three instrumental tracks. I used to avoid a lot of chord changes because I like modal scale, so that’s new. The drum sound also makes it different. Apart from Astral Son I haven’t done much singing in productions. I used my voice as an additional melodic sound, with meaning ofcourse. Since I love analogue sound the album is packed with it. I’d say it is very warm and melodic as well.

At the moment I am happy with the album. I think it is one of the best things I’ve done. I’ve dedicated my composing and production skills to the making of an album that has the potential to attract a wider audience that normally would’t listen to electronic music. Only thing is that I’m confused and don’t know yet how to release because it isn’t instrumental electronic or psychedelic. So it will probably be next year!

The Lo-Fi Backspace Camembert Files

In 2014/15 I made a couple of spontaneous tracks without thinking too much. They are a bit dark & mysterious, cosmic/psychedelic/electronic with arpeggio’s swirling, random synth patterns, distant space guitar solo’s, gliss and ofcourse hiss, hum, background noises and other things that make it lo-fi. I have remastered the songs for this special release keeping the atmosphere as it was.
Looking back on these songs I can tell I was very much influenced by Edgar Froese, Manuel Göttsching and Daevid Allen.

Available on Bandcamp only.

Berlin School?

In a nice flow I made three instrumental synthesizer tracks this week. On only one of them I played guitar, the same pattern over and over, alongside a sequence.. There are dreamy parts, just sounds moving around, sparse melodies, if any. I used the setup that I played at ESE with an additional poly synth. The mood is pretty calm and serene.

Electric Spectrum Experience (ESE)

Our Electric Spectrum Experience live Electronic music festival was a succes. We had around 30 visitors, EM lovers, EM musicians, EM dj’s from the Netherlands, Germany, England and even Russia. The atmosphere was great and people were able to talk with old friends and meet new people from the scene.

As a festival we’ve grown. As musicians we also gained experience and I was very pleased with the sound and cooperation with the people from Muziek Organisatie Noord. Things like this need time to develop.

The performances were done by: Phrozenlight, Albert Steenbergen, René van der Wouden and of course Phrozen Weaver and Son of Ohm. And we had a little guest Ansgar Stock from Germany who joined our jam session.
Unfortunately Albert wasn’t allowed to play his laser harp! Because of the smoke machine and fire alarm… What a pity.

We feel ESE deserves continuation and found a place in the EM scene. We may have some exciting developments for the next time. There is a need for live electronic music happenings, a place for musicians to play live and to meet people. We will see what happens.

Here is a German review of ESE by long time visitor Alfred Arnold from the electronic music webzine EM Pulsiv:
EM in Hollands Norden

It was lovely to meet Harald Gramberg from Hippiesland. He wrote a nice report here

It was also nice to see John Valk Waveman (EM Expert from Underground-ÄxpÄrten) and Norman van Krimpen from STYLZ-Radio.
Among the audience also were Hans van Kroonenburg, Ruud Heij & Marcel Engels from Free System Project and Bas Broekhuis, to name a few. Phil Booth has been visiting us from the beginning and most of the pictures shown here were made by him. He cames together with Michael Shipway from Volt.
Arend and Gert who played with us last year were also present.

The Electric Spectrum Experience was organised by Bert Hulshoff (Phrozenlight) and me. Because we like to play on stage and for the joy it brings getting people together. We are delighted to have wonderful guest musicians and looking forward to a bright future!

New album Zeitgeist

This album has a whole different approach. It was made from studio jam sessions with synths, sequencers, space guitar and looper. I was searching for a way of free expression, direct and spontaneous. On the previous album Paradigma I was heading in this direction and I just followed the trail.

Listen here
Reviews here

The core of this album are live studio sessions with synths, sequencers, space guitar & looper.

Some notes: Telefunken Baby! was recorded mono on reel to reel tape, then mixed live through a space-echo device; only bass was added later. The Endlos session was recorded on two track; drums, tabla, lead guitar & additional synth were overdubbed. Third Rock is a long two track jam; drums & some synth/tape effects and a touch of gliss were added later.

Instruments :
Four analog synthesizers, two sequencers, looper, floor tom, low tom, snare, tabla, cymbals, egg, tambourine, tingsha, electric guitar, bass guitar, effects.

High resolution 24 bit/ 88,2 kHz download provided on Bandcamp.

Also on the amazing Aumega Project!

New Phrozen Weaver Session on Bandcamp

Phrozen Weaver is a project between Phrozenlight & Son of Ohm.
This album was recorded at Monoord Groningen. June 2019.

A real time composition, so no conversation about what to play, just start playing and let the music write itself.
No overdubs, recorded in two takes.

Phrozenlight plays synths & sequencers, Son of Ohm plays guitar, looper & synth.

Released June 11, 2019

Listen to Cosmic Temple on Bandcamp.