Analog mono synths, sequencers, organ, electric space guitar, analog drum. Very dreamy and spacey…

These songs were born from spontaneous sequencer sessions. After that layers of sound were carefully added, over time. It was a joyful interaction of organic instrument playing and audio engineering.

“Sadhana is a Sanskrit term used to refer to a daily spiritual practice.”
This is how I approached the album.

For those interested: this album was recorded at 432Hz.




Reflections (2021) is a Berlin School sequencer album. The basic concept was repeating patterns, like a mantra.

“First I recorded a couple of sequencer sessions on two track. More layers of sound were added later on. Goal was to keep the sequenced energy and make the listening experience more interesting. To make it a journey or sound meditation. As the the album progressed and recordings were done it became more clear how I wanted it to sound. I spent quite some time mixing the whole thing and giving it a cosmic feel. It took half a year for this album to mature. I even put the project on the shelf several times, only to return to it with new insight and inspiration. What a trip!”

Instruments used: Three analog monophonic synths, two sequencers, electric guitar and a sprinkling of organ.

The painting was made like the album; in the same period of time and with long pauses. Where did the image and music come from? They are reflections…

Available as high resolution 24 bit download at Bandcamp. Soon on CDr by Neu Harmony.

Listen here


Wandering Monk

New album Wandering Monk (2020).

This year I played a lot in the studio without recording anything; without leaving a trace. The Wandering Monk sessions were an exception.

The root of the songs are studio live improvisations.

Instruments used: Synthesizers, sequencers, organ, electric guitar, analog drum machine, cymbals & tingsha.

Listen Here:

Electric Spectrum Experience 2020

We used to organise “Electric Spectrum Experience” in Groningen every year, an electronic live music event. Due to the Pandemy we skipped it in 2020/21.
Because we already decided on the artists in 2020 we thought it might be a nice idea to let them play their set live in their own studio. And so it went!
Phrozenlight, Gert Blokzijl, Skoulaman & Son of Ohm on one album!

“This album is created because of the Covid-19 Lockdown.
We could not play live in 2020, but we still wanted to give
our fans some new music, so we decided to make an album
with new not previous released music.

All music was recorded live at the artists private studio’s.
So called realtime compositions… 😉

Enjoy this trip”.

Artwork and compilation by Bert Hülshoff.

Head Rush

Another Son of Ohm song on vinyl, Telefunken Baby from Zeitgeist. This is the wonderful ‘Head Rush’ by Fruits de Mer!!

This is the promotional text by Fruits de Mer:

We love 70s German bands round here, in case you hadn’t noticed – so after ‘Head In The Clouds’ and ‘Head Music 2’, we have ‘Head Rush’ – a 3LP+CD collection of tracks that show the continuing influence of bands such as Can, Neu!, Harmonia and Kraftwerk, and the ‘motorik beat’ that was pivotal to some of the most enduring recordings to come out of Germany in the early seventies.

Artists involved are a combination of old friends of the label, artists we met through recent projects like ‘Head Music 2’ and ‘Clouds’, along with some Fruits de Mer innocents, who will no doubt be regretting it in the morning: with contributions from as far afield as Peru, Australia, Italy and Fleetwood, Lancs I think it’s fair to say the motorik beat goes on

1. Giacomo & Carolina – Sunrise, Part 7 (5:05)
2. Silver Vials – Follow The Sun (6:05)
3. Das Blaue Palais – Zeitfeld (Dusseldorf Motorik Mix) (8:11)
4. The Love Explosion – Anarchy! (3:58)
5. David Oakes – The Sahara (2020 Remix) (5:04)
6. Sonic Trip Project – Getaway (11:10)

1. Moon Goose – Shiny Man (5:41)
2. Oslo Tapes – Obsession Is The Mother Of All (5:54)
3. Jay Tausig – Ecstatic Engines (8:42)
4. Son Of Ohm – Telefunken Baby (12:52)
5. Alber Jupiter – Martine A La Plage (7:15)

1. The Lost Stoned Pandas – Motorik Wah Nine (10:16)
2. Motor!k – Tyrants (10:28)
3. Culto Al Qondor – Ei (12:19)
4. Psychic Lemon – Jam 7 (7:01)

bonus CD:
1. Taras Bulba – Vuh Part 1 (3:56)
2. Vince Cory – 69 Wheeler (7:53)
3. Psychic Lemon – Jam 5 (8:26)
4. Audio Cologne Project – Grobmotorik (6:51)
5. Taras Bulba – Vuh Part 2 (5:15)
6. Icarus Peel – Der Wald (14:14)
7. The Legendary Flower Punk – Watussi Live (30:25)

Three LPs of motorik-tinged or drenched music, together with a bonus CD of tracks that arrived late, didn’t quite fit the overall theme or wouldn’t fit onto vinyl (30 minute tracks are a bit of a challenge) – but we wanted to share with you

Psychedelic Waves

Deeper Ground on 12th position on the Psychedelic Waves Top 30 2020!!

“Son of Ohm does an experiment that works out quite nicely. The same deep and atmospheric electronics as his other albums, but this time brought together into shorter, song based pieces, complete with the dreamy vocals more common to his Astral Son albums. Really lovely stuff.”

(Jeff Fitzgerald)

New Syrinx review

SON OF OHM – Syrinx (2015 / Neu Harmony)

Making electronic retro-kraut today has two opposite sides. The first is the technical ease provided by current technology. The one from the 70s was rough, complicated, very expensive and weighed like a dead man ….. but it was wonderful. And its genuine sound. That is why it is about emulating 50 years later. The second, less comforting, is that not looking like a monkey repeating your youth records, being original, turns into a nightmare that can lead to sick obsession. It has happened to me with Pluralis.  

And I came to two conclusions: a) Do not beat your brain with moralistic ethics. After all, this should be done to enjoy. And b) Let your natural instinct work. If forced, the electronic truño will fall under its own weight like an overdose of Evacuol. 
I think that the Dutch Leonardo Soundweaver, aka Son of Ohm, has these two points also clear. I enjoyed listening to their first album “Syrinx”, as if I had discovered a lost artifact of my Teutonic heroes, in a dusty abandoned German warehouse. He names his music “Organic Electronics Retro Futuristic Music”. The Berlin School puts it later, do not fear. After all, little is carried. He has no problem showing his fan ideology. Like me. And indeed, his work follows a fidelity to the historical cause, which is worthy of all merit. In five years, he has nine more than interesting albums. Being two those that have appeared so far in 2020, “Deeper Ground” and “The End of Time”, very illuminating titles of the nothing positive panorama that dominates us around the globe. 

In its debut, “Legend” (8’33) began the psychotronic adventure based on floating electronics, classical sequencing and hypnotic guitar strumming. Son of Ohm likes to recreate, but also to create. And for this he uses the best possible weapon: Melody and futuristic sense. Call it “cosmic Steampunk”, because it evokes a future past more in line with the idea of ​​science fiction in the 70s. Much more beautiful than our reality. He revisits her with the illusion and inspiration of some Franke-Froese-Baumann, sounding just as enigmatic, mystical and dreamlike dimensional. Flawless his use of bubbly analogy. 

“Syrinx” (8’52) captures the first second, with an old, simple and concise sequencer. Quasi – Andalusian melody might seem to us an essay by the first Independent Caliphate Imam. Moved to the hippie Berlin of the Cosmic Jokers, or the art exhibitions, where he was enlivened with the first electronic avant-garde music. Which is where it all started. Son of Ohm’s inventiveness is fresh and not overly studied. At least it makes that impression. It comes out spontaneously, which is how it works best. If this were a vinyl, I would finish the face with “Crystal” (5’06), another sequential delight in which in addition to playing, Leonardo has fun and relaxes as in the best session of a Yoga teacher. Beware, no trace of new age softness. This is pure “German” cosmic art. Retro rock evoking the best stage of those opening musics, which have given so much of themselves in subsequent decades. Another little gem in this “grandma’s chest,” full of vintage delicacies remodeled today.

“Mount Ohm” (8’05) sounds like Terry Riley surrounded by analogues – museum. To develop a cybernetic and organic swell of possible symphonic beauty, which supports comparison with Jürgen Dollase, Lutz Rahn or some Achim Reichel style guitar. Berlin sound in all its glory also brings “Monkey Mind” (7’44), without this being an obstacle for an almost commercial exhibition. It wasn’t for Ashra, and this is a similar case. The truth is that it has a really beautiful and magical melodic line. Son of Ohm performs very well by those parameters. 

It ends with “Echoes” (7’49), an original sequential oil painting that could recall some of the most extraordinary parts of “Oxygene”. One would say that “Syrinx” is a flawless album, for eternal lovers of the Berlin heartbeat made with all the love and respect. I have worn it three times in a row, which is unusual for me. Sometimes being a big fan makes a great musician. This is the case. JJ IGLESIAS www.rockliquias.com

Head in the Clouds

Son of Ohm on vinyl! Fruits de Mer Records is releasing this great album, double vinyl and double CD, featuring many artists, including Son of Ohm.
with the song Pixies, from the album Paradigma. Here’s the official statement from Fruits de Mer:

“Over 200 minutes of music inspired by Tangerine Dream, Ash Ra Tempel, Popol Vuh and the German electronic music scene of the early 70s.One or two names that are familiar to fans of Fruits de Mer Records are joined by many artists that are completely new to the label, to recall one of the most innovative periods in music of the last 50 years, when Germany began to create its own sounds and artists explored new musical territories that took them in a very different direction to their contemporaries to the West; the music was remarkable – it still is – and those influences continue to be heard in so much music that is being created today.kosmische sounds, space rock without the rock, horizontal listening – however you want to describe it, this about as far from a mosh-pit as you can get.This is a combined double LP + double CD set – no music is repeated between the two formats; many of the tracks have been recorded exclusively for ‘Head in the Clouds’, many more are getting their first physical release; the set is only available as a combined package (making it a 5 LP box-set would have been ideal but in these difficult, cash-strapped times, we decided to show a little restraint…for once).more info here http://www.fruitsdemerrecords.com/clouds.html and pre-ordering details here http://www.fruitsdemerrecords.com/shop.html

On August 7 is the release of “Dutch Electronic Masters”, a special album with contributions from 20 Dutch electronic musicians. It is a little something we did to support our friends from Underground-ÄxpÄrten.
I made a new Cosmic track for the album, “Wonderwall”.

“Vintage synth layers, Kraftwerk’s sequences, hypnotic guitar loops, psychedelic moods. This with hallucinogenic herbs… and we are in heaven with this last album from Son of Ohm; The End of Time”
New review by Sylvain Lupari at Synth & Sequences

I’m working on an album with only three mono synths (Moog & Reon), two sequencers and electric guitar. It started out as sequencer jams and I was very happy with the two-track recordings. Then I though hmm, maybe some electric guitar pingpong in the background? And I was very happy with the result. But it still nereed something so I recorded space effects. And indeed it sounded very good. So it was ready, four tracks of sequence-bliss. After a while I thought no, it still needs something. So back to the studio and I recorded melodic leads with Moog. And I am very pleased with the outcome!! So when the artwork is painted (working on it), the stars are in the right position and I’m still happy with the music this will be the next release.