Reflections (2021) is a Berlin School sequencer album. The basic concept was repeating patterns, like a mantra.

“First I recorded a couple of sequencer sessions on two track. More layers of sound were added later on. Goal was to keep the sequenced energy and make the listening experience more interesting. To make it a journey or sound meditation. As the the album progressed and recordings were done it became more clear how I wanted it to sound. I spent quite some time mixing the whole thing and giving it a cosmic feel. It took half a year for this album to mature. I even put the project on the shelf several times, only to return to it with new insight and inspiration. What a trip!”

Instruments used: Three analog monophonic synths, two sequencers, electric guitar and a sprinkling of organ.

The painting was made like the album; in the same period of time and with long pauses. Where did the image and music come from? They are reflections…

Available as high resolution 24 bit download at Bandcamp. Soon on CDr by Neu Harmony.

Listen here