The Lo-Fi Backspace Camembert Files

In 2014/15 I made a couple of spontaneous tracks without thinking too much. They are a bit dark & mysterious, cosmic/psychedelic/electronic with arpeggio’s swirling, random synth patterns, distant space guitar solo’s, gliss and ofcourse hiss, hum, background noises and other things that make it lo-fi. I have remastered the songs for this special release keeping the atmosphere as it was.
Looking back on these songs I can tell I was very much influenced by Edgar Froese, Manuel Göttsching and Daevid Allen.

Available on Bandcamp only.

Berlin School?

In a nice flow I made three instrumental synthesizer tracks this week. On only one of them I played guitar, the same pattern over and over, alongside a sequence.. There are dreamy parts, just sounds moving around, sparse melodies, if any. I used the setup that I played at ESE with an additional poly synth. The mood is pretty calm and serene.