All Son of Ohm albums can be downloaded from my Bandcamp. That’s the best place for me! CDr’s are produced by Neu Harmony and can be found at SynthMusicDirect. And there is also Netlabel Aumega.

Reflections (2021)

Wandering Monk (2020)

The End of Time (2020)

Deeper Ground (2020)

The Lo​-​Fi Backspace Camembert Files (2019)

(Lo-Fi recordings 2014/15, remastered in 2019)

Zeitgeist (2019)

Paradigma (2019)

Electronic Muse (Son of Ohm 2018)

Blackbirds (Son of Ohm 2018)

Astronaut (Son of Ohm 2017)

Syrinx (Son of Ohm 2015)