New album Zeitgeist

This album has a whole different approach. It was made from studio jam sessions with synths, sequencers, space guitar and looper. I was searching for a way of free expression, direct and spontaneous. On the previous album Paradigma I was heading in this direction and I just followed the trail.

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The core of this album are live studio sessions with synths, sequencers, space guitar & looper.

Some notes: Telefunken Baby! was recorded mono on reel to reel tape, then mixed live through a space-echo device; only bass was added later. The Endlos session was recorded on two track; drums, tabla, lead guitar & additional synth were overdubbed. Third Rock is a long two track jam; drums & some synth/tape effects and a touch of gliss were added later.

Instruments :
Four analog synthesizers, two sequencers, looper, floor tom, low tom, snare, tabla, cymbals, egg, tambourine, tingsha, electric guitar, bass guitar, effects.

High resolution 24 bit/ 88,2 kHz download provided on Bandcamp.

New Phrozen Weaver Session on Bandcamp

Phrozen Weaver is a project between Phrozenlight & Son of Ohm.
This album was recorded at Monoord Groningen. June 2019.

A real time composition, so no conversation about what to play, just start playing and let the music write itself.
No overdubs, recorded in two takes.

Phrozenlight plays synths & sequencers, Son of Ohm plays guitar, looper & synth.

Released June 11, 2019

Listen to Cosmic Temple on Bandcamp.