Electric Spectrum Experience (ESE)

Our Electric Spectrum Experience live Electronic music festival was a succes. We had around 30 visitors, EM lovers, EM musicians, EM dj’s from the Netherlands, Germany, England and even Russia. The atmosphere was great and people were able to talk with old friends and meet new people from the scene.

As a festival we’ve grown. As musicians we also gained experience and I was very pleased with the sound and cooperation with the people from Muziek Organisatie Noord. Things like this need time to develop.

The performances were done by: Phrozenlight, Albert Steenbergen, René van der Wouden and of course Phrozen Weaver and Son of Ohm. And we had a little guest Ansgar Stock from Germany who joined our jam session.
Unfortunately Albert wasn’t allowed to play his laser harp! Because of the smoke machine and fire alarm… What a pity.

We feel ESE deserves continuation and found a place in the EM scene. We may have some exciting developments for the next time. There is a need for live electronic music happenings, a place for musicians to play live and to meet people. We will see what happens.

Here is a German review of ESE by long time visitor Alfred Arnold from the electronic music webzine EM Pulsiv:
EM in Hollands Norden

It was lovely to meet Harald Gramberg from Hippiesland. He wrote a nice report here

It was also nice to see John Valk Waveman (EM Expert from Underground-ÄxpÄrten) and Norman van Krimpen from STYLZ-Radio.
Among the audience also were Hans van Kroonenburg, Ruud Heij & Marcel Engels from Free System Project and Bas Broekhuis, to name a few. Phil Booth has been visiting us from the beginning and most of the pictures shown here were made by him. He cames together with Michael Shipway from Volt.
Arend and Gert who played with us last year were also present.

The Electric Spectrum Experience was organised by Bert Hulshoff (Phrozenlight) and me. Because we like to play on stage and for the joy it brings getting people together. We are delighted to have wonderful guest musicians and looking forward to a bright future!